Can you solve the most stimulating, complex word games in history? Put your brain to work and join the Languinis on a whimsical word building adventure!

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Languinis, a word game with a match 3 twist!

Thousands of years ago, the Phoenix God summoned the Languinis to name everything in the world.

However, as they created word after word, the game grew exhausting and they chose to rest.

The Phoenix God was furious and locked up the Languinis!

Master Speller, can you use your vocabulary to free the Languinis from their cells?

As you explore island after island of word puzzles,

you will be challenged and tested on your vocabulary, anagram knowledge, and your ability to spell, match & clear new puzzles. With over 1,000 levels to play, enjoy countless hours of word search fun as you save the Languinis!

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