Live Game Scaling

Minimizing risks and raising capital, while accelerating game growth for free-to-play games.

UA funding

Tilting Point has built a user acquisition fund of $132 million. If you have a great game, then a portion of those funds should go toward making that game as successful as possible.


We want to put our technical expertise and mobile marketing experience to work helping you skyrocket your game’s financial growth.
We will analyze your game, perform viability and scaling tests, and partner with you for a year or more to oversee your game’s user acquisition.

How we do it

Our Team

Our team of experts features gurus in all aspects of game scaling, from strategy to tool building to creative marketing content creation.

Campaign Strategy Managers

In charge of day-to-day strategy and making sure your UA campaigns are always running optimally.

Data Scientists

Building custom tools and tailored reports to make sure you see results from each and every penny you invest. Experts at predicting accurate ROI and other results.

In-House Artists

Fresh creative assets each week help you maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

A Deal for Every Situation

Three different formulas for three different needs – all built for the same goal: success.


Ideal for: Studios with a live game they want to grow. They want and have the means to invest in UA, but they don’t have the expertise to get the most out it themselves.

Our offer: We will conduct UA campaigns for you, leveraging our proprietary technology to optimize the performance of your ads and the creative assets we’ve made just for you and helping you improve in-game conversion rates. We will even help you prevent ad fraud and fight in-game cheaters.


Ideal for: Studios with a live game who need some extra financial help to grow their UA and resulting game revenues. Studios looking for risk-free capital.

Our offer: We will handle all of your user acquisition efforts, including creative content for your marketing campaigns. Our UA experts and ad creatives will be like an extension of your studio.


Ideal for: Studios with a live game that is scaling, but that they would like to see grow faster. Studios that want to invest in UA but don’t have the budget.

Our offer: We will fund your UA efforts you from the world’s largest user acquisition fund, and we will make sure you see real financial results from that investment, putting our team of UA experts, data scientists, and artists to work creating and managing campaigns with quantifiable results.

In Tilting Point, we found a partner with unique expertise in mobile to help fund significant growth in our customer-acquisition program.

Jon RadoffCEO & Founder of Disruptor Beam

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