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Developers across 16 countries
Countries where we have overseen releases
Billion collective installs powered
Localized games languages

…and counting.

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Real Game Stories

Food Truck Chef

Travel around the world and spread the food truck craze, becoming a top chef in this addictive time-management cooking game.

Received $18 million as part of our UA funding

Saw a 200% increase in revenue.

Increased organic installs by a factor of 10.

Earned back money spent in 90 days.

Valued at $7 million in run rate revenue.

Chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Games of 2017.

Recognized by the Apple App Store in the “New games we love” category.

Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero is an RPG clicker game where 15 of the most useless idiots embark on a quest to be slightly less useless idiots.

Saw a 200% increase in daily revenue.

8 rating (out of 5) on the Apple App Store. 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store.

Named Best Mobile Game by reddit’s Incremental Games community in 2017.

Given the Public Choice Award by Gamelab in 2017.


The only officially licensed NASCAR mobile game.

Saw a 400% return on ad spending in its first 30 days.

Experienced a 400% increase in revenue.

Became one of the 400 top-grossing games in the US.

Continually updated, with new content released for 2019.


Utilize real science from NASA to cultivate life on desolate planets.

One-man studio.

Saw a 691% increase in revenue.

Increased weekly gross bookings (customer spending commitments) by a factor of 5.

Also increased developer profits by 500%.

Experienced 3 times the returns per install.

Star Trek Timelines

Explore the final frontier, discovering new worlds as you voyage through deep space in the ultimate Star Trek™ strategy role-playing game.

Received millions of dollars in a profitable UA investment.

Became a top-grossing game in 80 countries, and the 84th top-grossing game in the US.

5 million downloads worldwide since 2016 launch.

Earned $70 million in gross bookings (customer spending commitments) worldwide.

Photo Finish

Win the Cup and take the Crown in this horse-racing game.

Saw a 3,200% increase in revenue and DAU (Daily Active Users).

150% increase in ROI from paid installs in first month of partnership.

Increased organic installs by a factor of 6.

Increased conversation rate by 24% through app icon optimization.

Became one of the 100 top-grossing games in 16 countries.

More Top IP Titles

This is just a small sample of the successes we’ve helped our developer partners achieve. We’ve worked with more top IP titles, like…

Spider-Man Unlimited earned $20 million in revenue.

Warhammer increased conversion rates by 87% through screenshot optimization.

Languinis increased conversion rates by 30% through branding optimization.

SIEGE: TITAN WARS saw a 571% increase in ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User).

Not to mention our work with Batman Arkham Asylum, WWE Champions, The Walking Dead, Cars, Monopoly, Iron Man, My Little Pony, NFL Pro 2012, and more.

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